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STAC Mission - STAC Hamilton

STAC Mission

Welcome to the STAC Basketball, your ultimate destination for all things basketball.

STAC Mission

Our Mission

Elevating youth from equity-deserving communities through inclusive, accessible and high-quality athletic, academic and life skill opportunities.

Our Vision

A community where youth from equity-deserving communities gain unrestricted access to holistic athletic development, post-secondary education, and life skills.

Our Values

Equity and Inclusion: We believe that youth from equity-deserving communities need equitable access to play and education. STAC is a BIPOC-led organization that prioritizes serving BIPOC and other equity-deserving youth who face financial or other systemic barriers to athletics and post-secondary.

Education and Life Skills: We believe that education and life skills can open doors to youth from equity-deserving communities. STAC coaches, mentors and community partners instill the importance of education, open doors to post-secondary opportunities, and foster the development of life skills such as financial literacy.  

Excellence: We believe that our youth deserve the best. STAC delivers high-quality programming and we have high expectations for staff, coaches and youth. 

Well-being and Resilience: We believe that equity-deserving youth can develop the strength and life skills to persevere in the face of systemic inequities. Our programming allows youth to cultivate social, emotional and physical health through play, peer engagement and mentorship.

Play: We believe that everyone deserves access to opportunities for play, enjoyment and recreation. Through indoor and outdoor opportunities, STAC youth create healthy relationships and develop skills alongside peers, coaches, and mentors.